Three Dimensional Life has been leading young men out of addiction and into freedom since 2005. Hundreds of residents have entered our doors over those years and one thing has been true in every case: Each young man who graduates our program will be a completely different person than who he was the day he entered our program. When your son completes our program he will have all of the tools he needs to unlock success for his future.

Please watch some of our success stories below!

Ben Craddock, Devin Sapp, & Josh Dobson, 2017 3D Graduates

"Three Dimensional Life has taught me not to be ashamed of my past. That’s something that I’ve struggled with - being ashamed from all of the stuff I’ve done and the people I’ve hurt. Now I really believe I’m forgiven for that. Grace is real. Mercy is real."

Tyler Reynolds, 2015 3D Graduate

"I didn’t really really care about anything but getting high. I remember calling my mom in jail and she was really hurt. This is when I realized “what am I doing” and I took a step back and really looked at myself… Now that I’ve gone through the program I can actually see myself doing something good."

Tyler O'Rear, 2013 3D Graduate

"My eyes became open to the reality of Christ and I accepted Christ on Good Friday two and a half years ago. Ever since then my life has been radically changed. Ever since 3D there has been a burning desire in me just to be able to go back and help people who are in a similar situation to me."

Matt Maclay, 2010 3D Graduate

"We did a class called Inner Healing. This is one of the last classes that you do before you graduate the program. So in Inner Healing if you take a second and think about your deepest, darkest secrets that you have… things that have been done to you… that you have done to others… bad experiences that have happened in your lifetime to shape your drug addiction… those are the things we dealt with. And I really believe that is where I got my freedom. It wasn’t that we just talked about it and hoped it would go away, but we talked about, dealt with it, and surrendered it to Jesus."