Leading Young Men Out of Addiction & Into Freedom

The mission of Three Dimensional Life is simple, yet powerful. It is now time for our communities to take control of the spreading drug epidemic. It's killing our children at an alarming rate. Those addicts who do survive their adolescent years are destined to live empty lives full of trauma & depression.

3D is about much more than severing the physical addiction of a young man. As a faith-based program, we believe that the Lord wants to do a mighty work in each young man that enters our doors. We make it our personal mission to show our residents a new life in Christ. This is what true freedom is.

When a resident graduates our program, he will be a completely different person on the inside than the day he entered our program. He will be free from his past and he will possess all the tools to not only live sober, but to live free.

Our graduates have learned to become leaders in their local communities. Whether it is leading small groups, helping lead others out of addiction, or involvement in ministry, our graduates are making big impacts where ever they may go. Together, we can break the cycle of teenage addiction one community at a time.