LifeTrack Program

Three Dimensional Life believes in the power of long term recovery. We have seen consistently that the longer a person stays at a recovery program the better the chance for long term success. It only makes sense that each day of sobriety for a young man in our program equals success. For this reason we have developed a Phase II program for our graduates called the LifeTrack Program.

The LifeTrack program is an additional 9-month program we have developed. During this time, our young men truly grow in their ability to lead by giving back to the other young men in the initial 9 month program. We help them work on their next life steps including working on getting into college or tech school, working on a GED, or getting an apprenticeship or internship at a local place of employment. While the first 9 months works to clear the wreckage of the past, the LifeTrack program works to prepare our young men for adulthood.

Of course right now, you may be wondering whether or not your son is capable of completing the initial 9 months of our program. Let me assure you, that all of our graduates at least consider staying for this program and many opt in for the LifeTrack program. Our residents grow to love the environment of 3D and the relationships they develop with our staff members.

The cost of the LifeTrack program varies based on income level, but it is a lesser cost than the initial program.