Three Dimensional Life is not a boarding school, but education is a pivotal aspect of our residents' recovery. Many of the young men in our program fell behind in their classes due to their behavior and drug use. We want to help you to get your son back on track in his education.

Our residents are given ample time to work on their education. On Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays all of the young men in 3D work on their educational endeavors in the afternoon. They are given an additional hour each night to work on school or 3D related assignments. There is also free time throughout the week and on weekends during which residents may work on school assignments as well.

While we do online courses, we have a secure firewall, along with a third party security program, to keep our residents blocked off from the rest of the internet. We understand that social media has most likely been a stumbling block for your son so we take precautions to prevent our residents from reaching any sites other than the required sites for their schooling.

Our Education Coordinator will be present during the hours of our education program to ensure that your son stays on track and is able to understand his courses. Our Education Coordinator will also assist your son's needs in the areas of online courses, college enrollment, GED preparation/exam scheduling, & much more.

We require all of our residents to take part in the education program of 3D in one form or another. Most of our residents will fit within one of the following categories:


Traditional High School Students

Our residents who are still in high school take part in Faith Academy Online. Faith Academy is a non-profit school based out of Buford, Georgia. It is a fully accredited high school. You will have to contact Faith Academy Online to send them your son's transcripts and to create an account with Faith Academy. The cost for each class is approximately $199 per semester. Your son may sign up for a maximum of 4 classes per semester. You must make financial arrangements with Faith Academy as this cost is separate from tuition.

To find out more about Faith Academy Online, please call 877.316.6925.


Non-Traditional High School Students

Some of our young men are simply too far behind in their classes for a traditional high school diploma to be realistic. For instance, if your son is 17 and has not even completed his freshman year then it may be time to consider other options. Many of our residents have spent time studying for their GED Exam and have subsequently passed their test immediately upon completion of 3D. We have seen some these residents move on to establishing careers, technical school, and even college.

College Students

If your son has received either his High School Diploma or GED Certificate, then we would love to help him get into college. We allow our older residents to pursue an online college education while at 3D. We are more than happy to assist our residents in the college enrollment process whether they are trying to pursue an online college education while at 3D or even pursuing a traditional on campus college education after their time at 3D is complete.