Three Dimensional Life has an approach that has been developed over the last 12 years. We believe we give your son the best chance for recovery by using the combination of three therapy approaches.


Christ-Centered Classes

Four days a week, your son will take part in a class led by one of our staff members experienced in recovery. Our staff members who teach these classes have been through addiction and recovery themselves. This allows us to connect with your son in ways that others simply have not been able to. Our staff members have walked in the same shoes your son has.

These classes are based on a very successful program in Florida called Dunklin Memorial Camp. We have four classes that make up our curriculum. As the young men in our program progress through each class, they will experience a new sense of accomplishment & freedom. During these classes, your son will learn how to journal, receive accountability, surrender his problems, & more.

Please don't let the Christian aspect of our program scare your son. We understand that many young men claim to be agnostic or atheist. We are not Bible-beaters who force young people into a relationship with God. That defeats the entire point of letting someone develop their own relationship with Christ. We create a safe and organic environment for your son to explore his spirituality. We let each resident develop spiritually at his own pace. All of our staff members are Christians and believe in leading by example.

Here is an overview of our curriculum:

Welcome Home - 2 months

The first class of the program is geared to show your son a new sense of home and family where he is safe to share & trust. He will learn about what has led him to 3D.

Insight - 2 months

The second class is where your son will learn to truly open up about his life. During the last assignment of this class, your son will present his life story to his class.

Inner Healing - 3 months

The third class is considered to be the apex of your son's journey. During this class your son will learn how to invite God into his pain and experience true brokenness. This is a powerful, life-changing class.

Flight - 2 months

The fourth and final class is meant to prepare your son for the next phase in his journey. We will explore identity, purpose, boundaries, goals, and plans for his future.


Professional Counseling

We offer the best in professional counseling to both your son & your family. Our licensed professional counselor & psychiatrist are able to get deep within the walls that your son has built around himself. Once these walls are dropped and trust is built, our young men are able to learn how to talk about their feelings. They develop an awareness of their thinking patterns that they previously were oblivious to. We find that this counseling allows our residents to actually develop far beyond where their friends at home or school are at. Your son will be able to critically think about his decisions.

Your son will receive weekly individual counseling sessions & also weekly group therapy sessions. Your son will also be able to receive additional counseling beyond his scheduled sessions if necessary.

The professional counseling services we offer extends beyond your son. We also will be arranging counseling sessions with your family. To find out more about our Family Recovery model please visit our Family Recovery Page.


Adventurous Activities (ART Program)

All of our residents will take part in our ART (Activity Replacement Trips) Program. One of the enemies of recovery is idle time. When our young men graduate the program, many struggle finding new hobbies and activities to take part in that are both fun & productive. If you are considering placing your son in our program, your son is most likely spending several hours per day either using drugs or participating in other reckless behaviors. After graduation from 3D, those hours are still going to need to be filled with something.

Our Activity Replacement Trips are geared to show your son new hobbies he can take part in after he leaves 3D. Our ART Program trips are monthly overnight trips that will bring these activities to light. Our trips include camping, whitewater rafting, fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, rock climbing, & more!