Considering treatment for your son is a very difficult situation. We have talked to thousands of parents from all over the United States over the years and we want you to know that we are in your corner. We believe that if your son is struggling with addiction, we are the very best place you could send him to. Our faith-based, clinical approach gives your son the best chance for long-term success. We have not met your son yet, but we have been praying for him. Above that, we love him and we want him to find the freedom that awaits him.

We have tried to make our Admissions process as straightforward as possible.


Step 1: Resident Screening

Please fill out our Resident Screening Form. This form will help us to understand a little about your son's situation and to see if he is the right fit for our program. If you would rather call to discuss the Resident Screening Form then please give us a call at 770.869.3551.

Click here to fill out the Resident Screening Form


Step 2: Health Insurance Verification of Benefits

Your son may qualify for health insurance benefits that could pay for part, or in some cases all, of his treatment. Fill out our Verification of Benefits Form to see if your son qualifies.

Click here to fill out the Verification of Benefits Form


Step 3: Speak with our Intake Coordinator

After receiving both of the above forms, our Intake Coordinator will contact you. At this point you will receive our Welcome Packet that has financial information, a FAQ list, & a letter from our Executive Director.


Step 4: Intake

Once all of the steps have been taken care of & the first month of tuition has been paid (if necessary) your son is ready to enter our program. Generally, we schedule our intake days on Fridays.