A Day at 3D

We understand that your son may not want to come into our program. The fact is that it is very rare that someone of any age wants to enter a treatment facility. Often, life circumstances such as a medical emergency or legal charges spur someone into getting help. However, we can assure you that the young men in our program learn to love 3D and their time here. So many times we have heard graduates tell us that they consider their time at Three Dimensional Life to be the best time of their life. There is a brotherhood at 3D that runs deep. Graduates stay in contact with us and enjoy coming back to visit the property. They are proud of their time at 3D & understand the foundation that was built here. Once someone enters the 3D family then they are family for life.

Your son too will grow to love 3D if he is admitted into our program. While your son will take part in an individualized treatment plan for his therapy, there are plenty of other aspects of our program. Our residents enjoy taking part in all of our many activities.



We believe that physical activity & nutrition is very important to recovery. We have organized crossfit-style workouts to help our young men get stronger & into better shape. These workouts are built to be challenging, but they are all able to be scaled based on an individual's fitness level.

Activity Time

We have a daily activity time for our residents to have fun. These activities include basketball, volleyball, movies, video games (limited to sports games), throwing a baseball, board games, & plenty of other types of activities. We have a beach volleyball court & a basketball court on our property.

Monthly Adventure Trips (ART Program)

As part of our therapy approach, we believe in showing your son new activities he can participate in that do not involve drugs or other reckless behaviors. When your son completes the program, he is going to need to stay busy with activities to replace all of the time he spent using or trying to use. You can read more about these adventurous trips on our Approach Page.


Aside from our monthly adventure trips, we go on many outings. These outings include Skyzone, Bowling, Laser Tag, Six Flags, Swimming, & much more. There is no shortage of fun at 3D. We believe in showing your son how to have fun without drugs and alcohol.


We attend Free Chapel Worship Center in Gainesville, GA every Sunday. This is a large campus with high energy music & dynamic preaching. Our young men enjoy this time. We also attend the yearly Forward Conference at the Gwinnett Arena (Infinite Energy Arena). This is a time of great fun for our residents.

Typical Daily


7-7:30am Breakfast
7:30-8:25am Life Skills/Therapy
8:25-8:55am Process Groups
9-10:30am Therapy
10:45-11:45am Life Skills/Therapy
12:15-1pm Lunch
1-4pm Education/Life Skills
4-5pm Recreation Activity/Recreation Therapy
5-6pm Freetime
6-7pm Dinner
7-8pm Study Hall/Education
8-9:30pm Process Groups
9:30-10:30pm Freetime
10:30pm Lights Out